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Listen to the following podcast from On the Media (OTM)
Gladstone, B. (2019, September 13). Retrieved from
Take notes using the following method
Notetaking for a Listening assignment
We are modifying the notetaking strategy for your listening assignments. However, the objectives are the same. This method of notetaking is designed to help you engage fully with the text, understand it, seek clarification when necessary, and apply the concepts to different contexts that you might encounter.
Identify the podcast’s main focus
Like most modern forms of communication, podcasts usually state very early in the program/text what their main focus is. In a world rich with media, it is important to first grab your listener’s attention and then you have to tell them what your focus is so that they can decide whether to listen/watch/read or not.
Clearly state in one or two sentences what is the main claim of the episode and state when and how the podcasters told you this.
Relate the podcast’s focus to our reading
Write four or five sentences explaining how the main focus of the podcast is related to the chapter we read for class this week.
How does the podcast make its argument and draw the listener in?
Audio programming such as radio, podcasting, audio documentaries etc. must make use of the following elements:
Music: including
theme tunes suggest the character of the program and provide consistency week to week
linking music is used to link one segment (portion of the program) to another one
music to set the tone within a segment
Speech: including
Voice over narration
these are sounds that naturally occur in the environment, such as the sound of the boat you are conducting on which the interview is being conducted
producers use clips from other media to illustrate aspects of their focus and support their claim
Sound effects or sfx
However fact-based programs such as OTM rarely use sound effects unless it would be immediately apparent to the listener, you do not want to give the impression that you would falsify information)
although audio programming is crafted using a variety of sound, fleeting moments of silence are often used to add emphasis or give the listener a mental break etc.
Listen for each of these elements of the podcast soundtrack.
Identify one example of each element (except sfx…and silence can be difficult to identify, but see how you do).
Use the time bar on the podcast to state precisely when you hear the element
Explain clearly what is happening in the podcast at this point
Explain briefly what is the effect of using the particular element at this point in the program and what you think it contributes to the overall episode
By the way, the announcer pronounces Bahamians as if it is Ba-har-mee-ans. The correct pronunciation is Ba-hay-mee-ans.
Note taking: podcastsNote taking: podcastsCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentifying the main focusIn two or three sentences explain clearly what is the main claim of the episode and state when and how the podcaster told you this.2.0 ptsGoodSuccessfully identified the main claim in the podcast.0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryFails toidentify the main claim of the podcast2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRelates the podcast to the readingClearly explains how the podcast relates to focus and theoretical content of the class.5.0 ptsGoodIs able to explain select theoretical insights from relevant readings and other materials and demonstrate how the concepts are linked to the content in the podcast.3.0 ptsMarginalHas limited success in either selecting, explaining or demonstrating the relationship between concepts and the podcast0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryFails to effectively demonstrate his/her understanding of the concepts and why and where they are relevant to the podcast.5.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis of sound elementsAbility to explain how the podcast makes use of sound elements to support its main focus and/or draw the listening to the program8.0 ptsGoodStudent makes logical, evidence based conclusions about how the podcasters seem to be using sound in the program.4.0 ptsMarginalStudent describes the use of the sound elements but does not clearly explain how he/she made his/her conclusions0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryStudent fails to describe or explain the use of sound elements8.0 pts
Total Points: 15.0

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